Griffin Partners with Hunters Lane High School

We’re thrilled to be a first-year business partner of the Hunters Lane High School Design and Technology Academy! Through the Academies of Nashville program, sponsored by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, many Nashville businesses are working to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. We’re having a great time going back to school, and to getting to know so many Hunters Lane Warriors and their inspiring teachers!

20130827_HuntersLaneHS_07It should come as no surprise that we had an immediate interest in the Academy’s Programming pathway. We are particularly interested in exposing the programming classes to mobile programming, something they hadn’t been able to explore fully before because their classroom only had PCs. When our President, Mark Rowan, visited the school, we were proud to donate twenty-five Mac minis to the programming lab, as well as KVM switches, so that students can seamlessly switch between their Mac and PCs and expand their knowledge of programming!

We are so honored to be working with Hunters Lane, and to be given the privilege to share what we know and learn at Griffin with the Design and Technology students. It is also exciting to have an active role in the classroom as we are always developing new products for education.  We can’t think of a better way to know what teachers and students actually need than to see it first hand.