Clay James with

Griffin in the Classroom

We love it when student groups visit Griffin for field trips. For the students, it’s an invaluable experience to see design, engineering, marketing, and sales professionals in action, and learn about the day-to-day of their jobs. But it’s even more exciting for us when we’re able to incorporate the work we do at Griffin into the curriculum of their classes. Griffin often sends class speakers to Hunters Lane High School whenever the teachers think of relevant ways our professionals can support their curriculum and standards. During the last month of the school year we had a couple of fun opportunities to visit students in the Griffin Academy of Design and Technology at Hunters Lane to participate in class projects.

BLG-GriffinClassSpeakers-blogpostimg-1v1The Economics and Personal Finance students received some valuable real world advice from Griffin’s CFO, Bob Mahoney. With many of these students about to graduate with the dream of owning their own businesses, this was a great opportunity to learn about how important financial decisions are made. Discussing concepts like inventory management, supply and demand, pricing, and investing, these students were asking all the right questions! The advice Bob gave them will be helpful not only for those who are interested in starting their own businesses, but also for each individual as they begin to manage their own personal finances.

Later, our Executive Creative Director, Clay James, visited Mr. Milton’s English students to discuss the importance of storyboarding an idea. Clay showed how he has storyboarded ideas for advertising campaigns. The students loved seeing how initial sketches translated into a final spot they have seen on TV. It was a great illustration of how ideas are conceived and brought to life. While the English students won’t necessarily be creating TV commercials, they’ll be able to use the basics of storyboarding they learned from Clay to develop their ideas for short stories as their final project of the school year.


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