Griffin and LEGO KidsFest

If you work at Griffin, you’d be well aware that LEGOs aren’t just for kids. Sure, most people probably start playing with LEGOs as kids, but the fun doesn’t have to end there. “LEGOs are a timeless toy,” says Web Designer Daniel Brown. “I’ve been playing with LEGOs since I was 8 years old, and now I get to see my 9 year old daughter fall in love with the endless possibilities just as I did.”

“I love watching our 5-year-old with her LEGOs,” added Melissa Lapsley from the Market Research team. “It means family time to us.”

When Griffin became a product sponsor of the LEGO KidsFest, it was no wonder we had some pretty excited employees. A group of Griffin-ites got their chance to take their little ones to a session of LEGO KidsFest last weekend, and it was impossible to tell by looking at the parents and kids just who was having the better time!

There were lots of hands-on building activities at LEGO KidsFest. Our group’s favorites included the US map build, the robot face-off, the pizza building contest, and the giant brick pile! As much fun as the hands-on activities were, though, there was no denying just how cool the giant LEGO statues built by the LEGO Master Builders are! We learned that there are 8 Master Builders in North America, and two of them were on hand for the event in Nashville. A few of our Griffin parent/kid duos got to meet and greet with them and hear all about how they make their creations.

Griffin was happy to donate a MultiDock Cart, allowing all guests of the LEGO KidsFest on any tour stop to charge their smartphones and tablets. With so many opportunities for great pics to take and share on social media, we know how important it is to have your phone in working order!

A great time was had by all, with lots of happy memories generated and saved and shared. Thanks, from us at Griffin, to the organizers and the LEGO Master Builders at LEGO KidsFest!

— Erin Whetsel, Education Outreach Coordinator at Griffin Technology


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