Great Gifts for Mom and Dad That You Don’t Have To Wrap!

Let’s be honest: some of us (myself, included 😁) haven’t even gotten started on their Christmas shopping. Life and work can easily get in the way, and the last thing some of us want to do is head to the mall amidst the other holiday procrastinators to start knocking out a shopping list.

Luckily, you can find the perfect gift without hitting the mall, or worrying about missing those shipping deadlines.

Without further ado, may I present the best gifts for Mom & Dad that you don’t have to wrap.

  1. Spotify$30

It’s difficult to share music with your parents when they’re exclusively using iTunes, and you’re using Spotify. They’ll love building and sharing playlists with you, too! Here’s my go-to roadtrip playlist to help you get through those long drives home.

  1. Amazon Prime$99 per year

Free 2-day shipping, plus instant video streaming and access to Amazon‘s music library. This is a perfect all-in-one gift for the folks. Pro-tip: next year, get your parents to create and share their Amazon Wish Lists to make gift giving even easier.

  1. Netflix$25-$100

Give your parents the gift of binge-watching! Now, you and Mom and Dad can gush over Jessica Jones when you call home on the weekends (seriously, call your folks).

  1. iTunes & App Store (iOS, Mac)

From music, movies and TV shows to every app and in-app purchase under the sun, iTunes and App Store gift cards are a great gift for someone who’s difficult to shop for.

May your gift giving be less painful than you thought. Happy holidays from everyone here at Griffin!


Copywriter Miles Price loves his parents very much, and was only kidding about not having started shopping yet, honest!

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