Speed up sync sessions

Speed up sync sessions Tips & Tricks

My iPhone is cluttered with stuff, I’m the first to admit it, so is my machine. If I could find a few extra hours in a day I would take the steps to start cleaning unused files, but I don’t have the time. Syncing my iPhone now takes way too long and it slows my […]

Which adapter goes where?

Which adapter goes where? Griffin Gear / Tips & Tricks / Tutorial

When you purchase a product like PowerDock or AirCurve multiple Universal Dock Adapters are included to fit different devices. Each adapter includes a small number to indicate which device it’s for. However, if you lose our packaging you’re left guessing what each one is for. Steve McGurn @mtl_steve was kind enough to point this out […]

Sharing your stuff on Facebook

Sharing your stuff on Facebook Fun / Tips & Tricks

Shopping is fun, but it’s more fun to share what you bought with your friends. Now you can, easily. When you’re checking out of the Griffin store be sure to click the Share on Facebook button to show your friends what you bought. Once you click it you’ll see how the products will appear on […]

How to avoid being scammed on Twitter

How to avoid being scammed on Twitter Tips & Tricks

Anyone who is following a large number of people on Twitter should be used to the amount of Twitter phishing schemes occurring lately. I’m constantly receiving suspicious direct messages (DMs). You should never click links that seem strange, you should also never give anyone your cell number. That all said. If you do click a […]

iPhone Trick: Tap the Top

iPhone Trick: Tap the Top Tips & Tricks

Here’s a quick and dirty iPhone trick to navigate Safari back to the top of the screen quickly. When you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of a web page simply tap the top gray bar. Just touching it will make the page automatically pop to the top again. It’s a quick trick, but we like […]