What We’re Hearing: Menomena’s “Moms”

What We’re Hearing: Menomena’s “Moms” Music Reviews / Stuff We Love

Menomena‘s latest release, Moms, came out just a few days before the first official day of autumn, and if you’re looking for a soundtrack for the fall, Moms is it. The album’s transition from bright, indie pop/rock to somber, MIDI and loop driven lullabies is perfect for the season. This is the first release from […]

My grrrl crush on Rookiemag.com

My grrrl crush on Rookiemag.com Fashion / Fun / New / Stuff We Love

Maybe it’s because I recently watched my daughter participate in a moving candlelight ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts and its founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Maybe it’s because I have a pre-teen daughter and teenaged son who are navigating their most fragile and formative years. Maybe I wish I were a teenager again (only […]

What We’re Hearing: Ungdomskulen’s “Secrecy”

What We’re Hearing: Ungdomskulen’s “Secrecy” Music Reviews / Stuff We Love

“Modern Drummer”, off 2007’s Cry Baby, was Norway’s Ungdomskulen to a T: Hard hitting weirdo rock, delivered without a lick of self-seriousness, and with musical chops to take to to the bank.  On their fourth (if you count 2011’s 10-songs-in-10-minutes micro-LP Gimme Ten) long-player, Secrecy, the edges are smoother, but the songwriting is more lean. Mostly absent […]

What We’re Hearing: Deerhoof’s “Breakup Song”

What We’re Hearing: Deerhoof’s “Breakup Song” Music / Music Reviews / Stuff We Love

The first time I saw Deerhoof was at Nashville’s infamous stink-hole dive bar, the Springwater Supper Club and Lounge in 2000.  They tore through seven songs in under twenty minutes, putting then-new guitarist John Dieterich through his paces.  Drummer Greg Saunier’s lurching, powerhouse fills and bassist Satomi Matsuzaki’s child-like, sing-song lyrics were balanced perfectly by […]

Why Mike hates Shark Week.

Why Mike hates Shark Week. As seen on TV / Community / Fun / In The News / Special Events / Stuff We Love

What follows is an editorial, and does not reflect the opinions of Griffin Technology.  We think Shark Week is awesome. – Ed. Every year, social networks are choked  with otherwise-intelligent people talking about how excited they are about Shark Week.  But, seriously, who actually likes sharks?  Sharks are hideously ugly prehistoric killing machines with cold, dead […]

What We’re Hearing: Nude Beach II

What We’re Hearing: Nude Beach II Fun / Music / Music Reviews / Stuff We Love

I’ve never been one for Spring Fever.  I’ve always been more of a Fall Fever guy.  I look forward with relish to fiery red leaves and sweater weather, bonfires and heavy beers.  I missed Nude Beach‘s second album, II, when the band self-released it this Spring, only to see it quickly sell out while on […]