We’re excited about iPad 2, too!

We’re excited about iPad 2, too! New

We’re super-excited to finally see the new iPad.  The original was pretty amazing.  And it appears iPad 2 promises to more than live up to the amazingness we’ve all come to expect from Apple. We know that you expect us to deliver great products that fit and work with iPad – or any platform, for […]

Rick Nielsen & Griffin = $1,000 and more!

Rick Nielsen & Griffin = $1,000 and more! New / Prizes & Discounts

We have partnered with Rick Nielsen, guitarist and songwriter for Cheap Trick. The rock ‘n’ roll icon, famous for checkerboard motifs and five-necked guitars, is also a bonafide tech lover and longtime friend of Griffin. Together, we have worked to bring his distinctive style to the Rick Nielsen Signature Case for iPhone 4 and iPad. […]

Artist-designed Skins from the GRAMMY Foundation

Artist-designed Skins from the GRAMMY Foundation Griffin Gear / New

Just in time for 52nd GRAMMY Awards, we’re happy to announce our partnership with the GRAMMY Foundation! With the help of our GRAMMY friends; OK GO, Phoenix, MGMT, and Ben Folds, we’ve created four original artist-designed skins for iPhone 4 and iPod touch. Each skin features extra-thick vinyl that protects the back of your device […]

Our strongest iPhone and iPod touch case is here

Our strongest iPhone and iPod touch case is here Griffin Gear / New

We’ve been hard at work and are proud to say that we’ve made our most rugged case for iPhone 4 and iPod touch. Ever. We call it Survivor! Designed and tested to meet or exceed US Department of Defense Standard 810F and UK Department of Defense Standard 00-35, Our Survivor Extreme Duty Case is designed from […]

Courier Band for iPod nano

Courier Band for iPod nano New

We’ve been hearing many people tell us that they are going to buy a new iPod nano, because they love our Slap bracelets so much. We think you’re going to rush to the Apple Store to pick up a new nano for this too! Our new Courier Band allows you to wear your nano like […]

New tablet stands

New tablet stands New

Here are three new ways to stand your favorite tablet device on your desk. Xpo A compact, space-saving stand for tablet-style devices, the Griffin Xpo stand folds flat into a profile smaller than a pair of sunglasses. You’ll want to slip it into your pocket and take it everywhere your tablet goes. Made of durable […]

TechSafe Laptop Locking System

TechSafe Laptop Locking System New

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w19S34BnML0 TechSafe Cable Lock Like a bike lock for your laptop, our TechSafe Cable Lock combines the best of both security and mobility. In the office or on the road, TechSafe ensures that your laptop stays where you put it. TechSafe’s unique curved steel security blade slides into place scratch-free and secure, through the hinge […]

StompBox and Mic Stand

StompBox and Mic Stand New

After the wild success of our GuitarConnect Cable, which Appletell called “easily the best choice available when it comes to methods to connect your guitar to your iDevice“, we’ve been dreaming up new ways to help you play music with iPad. How does a professional-quality pedalboard for iPad and Mic Stand Mount sound? StompBox The […]

Beacon Universal Remote Control System

Beacon Universal Remote Control System New

I can’t tell you how often my kids run off with the TV remote,  I often end up finding it hidden in their bedrooms or buried underneath the couch. Do you ever lose your remote? We’ve partnered with software developer Dijit to turn your favorite iOS or smartphone device into a universal remote! How’s that […]

Our DriveSafe Initiative

Our DriveSafe Initiative New

Welcome to DriveSafe, a major new initiative in automotive accessory design and usage. DriveSafe is a comprehensive range of in-car products designed to limit driver distractions from smartphones and mobile devices. As mobile technology has developed, feature sets have expanded, and drivers have more potential distractions than ever before. Because their phones do more, drivers […]