Download Dijit and get ready for Beacon

Download Dijit and get ready for Beacon Griffin Gear / New

Get ready for Beacon, our upcoming universal remote. We recommend you download Dijit now to get a taste for the app that will make Beacon magic. With Dijit, your phone is a universal remote control supporting over 200,000 devices, has content listings for every cable and satellite provider in the US and Canada, gives you […]

Griffin + Aimée Wilder

Griffin + Aimée Wilder New

Finally, a sense of fun and playfulness comes to the tiny machines we use every day to stay connected, informed and entertained. The technology that travels in our pockets brings us always-on internet, always-connected social media, always-open shopping and more ways to entertain ourselves than ever before. Why, then, should the devices that do all […]

15 free codes for Qscript!

15 free codes for Qscript! New

Qscript turns your iPad into a full-featured teleprompter. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best teleprompter app around. Qscript is perfect for scrolling scripts and speeches for speakers and on-screen talent. We have 15 codes available for the first 15 people who redeem them. Type in your script using Qscript’s built-in text editor, load […]

We washed our site!

We washed our site! New

We recently gave our site a good washing! It has just finished running through the spin cycle and it’s nearly dry. I thought now is as good a time as any to tell you about it. Be sure to drop by to check out all of the enhancements and new design! Here are some of […]

Your only remote is coming soon!

Your only remote is coming soon! Griffin Gear / New

httpv:// Beacon turns your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a handy, easy-to-use remote for home entertainment systems—handy because you always know where it is: your pocket. It lets your mobile device control every component in your home entertainment system by converting Bluetooth signals from your device to the infrared commands your components are expecting. Beacon […]

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? New / Prizes & Discounts

We’re giving away 15 codes for our brand new Would You Rather? Board Game app. Read more to find out how to enter to win! Difficult choices! Deranged dilemmas! You think you know your friends, but how well do you really know them? The Would You Rather? Board Game puts you (and them) to the […]

10 reasons why your iPhone should not be naked

10 reasons why your iPhone should not be naked New

Original artwork from Threadless combined with our iPhone 4, slim, one-piece polycarbonate shell equals awesome goodness! Here are 10 reasons why your iPhone should not be without a case: Communist Party Disc Jockey Frozen Leviathan In the Eye of the Aperture Killer Mix II Technicolor Rex The Horde Under the Sunset Untitled Impossible When Pandas […]

New accessories for iPad 2

New accessories for iPad 2 New

We promised you some great new iPad 2 accessories. We didn’t lie. Elan Folio Slim for iPad 2 This super-slim folio complements the new, thinner iPad 2. A textured black polyurethane outer cover offers protection on the outside. Inside, a soft microsuede lining coddles your iPad 2, with a narrow frame surrounding the Multi-Touch display. […]

3 essential accessories for iPad 2

3 essential accessories for iPad 2 New

Did you pick up iPad 2 on Friday or over the weekend? Our little poll indicates that many of you chose iPad 2 as your first iPad. You’re probably reading this blog post on your shiny new iPad right now. Our first generation iPad accessories have been very well received since the iPad launch last […]

First Look at iPad 2

First Look at iPad 2 New

I know you’re probably dying to see and hear more about Apple’s iPad 2. I started to write a post about what’s new, but in my research, I found that iLounge had done a great job at their own post. iLounge’s First Look at iPad 2 post will be updated with new screen shots, video […]