Hits of the 80’s

Hits of the 80’s In The News

Kurt Black from Techvert.com has a fantastic recent post about the most popular gadgets of the 1980’s. They include the Sony Walkman, Commodore 64 (a personal favorite), microwave oven, compact disc player, VHS player, Nintendo NES and desktop fax machine. What was your favorite gadget from the 1980’s? Photo from Flickr by: shaniber

Have iPad – will travel

Have iPad – will travel In The News

As you can expect, Griffin folks were quick to purchase iPad when it first became available. We got right down to business loading them with apps, tinkering and testing. Our fearless leader, Mark Rowan, even took it an extra step. He flew to Hong Kong for eight days, bringing only his iPad and iPhone. Yes, […]

iPad Day in the UK

iPad Day in the UK In The News

Last week the UK’s Daily Express contained stories of elated customers leaving the Apple Store with iPad in hand. iPad is finally available internationally! According to student, Jake Lee, someone even offered to pay him £2,000 to take his place in line. Lee was quoted in the London Evening Standard about being prepared to spend […]

The fastest way to charge your iPad

The fastest way to charge your iPad In The News

It’s official, we have the fastest iPad charger according to Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo. We took the four most common ways to charge an iPad: The iPad’s standard 10W charger, Griffin’s PowerBlock iPad charger, the iPhone’s standard power adapter, and via a MacBook Pro’s USB port. We timed how long it took to bring the battery up […]

Our Video Display Converter goes to 11!

Our Video Display Converter goes to 11! In The News

Here’s how to watch (and hear) your MacBook Pro on your television. Previously, the MacBook and MacBook Pro had a Mini DisplayPort that sent video only. You could use our Video Display Adapter to convert this video signal to HDMI (or DVI.) However, you needed to additionally connect the Mac’s headphone jack to your stereo […]

Car Accessory of the Year!

Car Accessory of the Year! Griffin Gear / In The News

Gosh, it seems like just the other day that iLounge first reviewed our PowerBlock and PowerJolt Reserve. The AC and car charger and rechargeable iPhone and iPod backup battery has become a very popular product. iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz wrote, “…they’re great little packages with sharp-looking, well-made parts.” He added, “They’re worthy of our high recommendation…” […]

WindowSeat on Morning Show

WindowSeat on Morning Show As seen on TV / Griffin Gear / In The News

CBS’s Morning Show host, Maggie Rodriguez spoke with Dannielle Kyillos, editor-at-large of Daily Candy, about some new gear and gadgets to make the road feel more like home. Check out what they said about our WindowSeat windshield mount for iPhone & iPod touch. Our clip is at 2:00 if you’re in a hurry

We’ve Been Nominated…

We’ve Been Nominated… In The News

For the third year in a row we’ve been nominated for iLounge’s Readers’ Choice Awards! This year we’re in the Top Accessory Developer of the Year category. The award is based on your votes, so if you love what we’re doing please take a moment to give us your vote. Voting closes soon. It takes […]

What’s The One iPhone App You Can’t Live Without?

What’s The One iPhone App You Can’t Live Without? In The News

According to All Things Digital’s Media Memo, there are 6.6 million iPhone apps currently being sold each day, Peter Kafka wrote: …let’s note that the velocity of apps Apple (AAPL) is delivering is increasing: It took Steve Jobs and company a little more than a year to serve up the first 1.5 billion apps, which […]

Stylishly Saving My Kid’s Eardrums

Stylishly Saving My Kid’s Eardrums Griffin Gear / In The News

As a dad of two young kids I have never let them use headphones. My wife and I have both been concerned about blowing their eardrums should they crank it to eleven. I’ve been concerned until now. I’m very pleased to be introducing our MyPhones, the first volume limiting headphones for kids 3 to 12. […]