Essential road trip tips

Essential road trip tips Griffin Gear / New

Deep in the middle of the summer is a mighty fine time to grab some friends and hit the open road. You may recall that last January we did our own road trip from Nashville to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronic Show. We affectionately named our journey CES Bound. Since it’s high season for […]

Chilewich for iPod touch

Chilewich for iPod touch Griffin Gear / New

As many of you will recall, we partnered with Sandy Chilewich back in November. Chilewich is recognized as a textile innovator, known for her striking and elegant vinyl-based designs. Together we created popular iPhone 3G/3GS cases. One of my favorite reviews of our Chilewich cases is from Gearlog: There are a lot of eye-catching iPhone […]

That’s a long cable!

That’s a long cable! Griffin Gear

We have recently received many requests for a longer version of our USB to Dock Cable. It took a short amount of time for us to turn around a not-so-short new cable that is 3 meters long, over 9 feet! We’ve already written about our new 3 meter USB-to-Apple Dock Cable, but we were curious […]

Cook with your iPad from 3 meters away!

Cook with your iPad from 3 meters away! Griffin Gear

Welcome to Loop! A clean, simple stand, weighted and shaped to hold your iPad upright for viewing, or laid back for surfing and typing, in both landscape and portrait modes. VIDEO HERE. Loop’s cushioned cradle protects your iPad from scratches and prevents unwanted movement while you use it. The open-loop design leaves room to plug […]

How to play your guitar with your iPod, iPhone or iPad

How to play your guitar with your iPod, iPhone or iPad Griffin Gear

Become a guitar hero, rock god, by plugging in your axe to your iPod, iPhone or iPad and rocking out. Combined with the free iShred LIVE app, our GuitarConnect Cable will add an array of effects for your guitar, bass or keyboard. Check out the demo video for a taste of what you can do! […]

PowerMate 3 software for Snow Leopard

PowerMate 3 software for Snow Leopard Griffin Gear

After much demand and the help of some incredible beta testers, PowerMate 3 is ready for download for Apple OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). So what’s changed? • The addition of modifier keys to PowerMate’s 6 core action; Shift, Command, Control and Option keys join in the fun to create 96 triggering actions • Rewritten […]

Still talking about iPhone 4

Still talking about iPhone 4 Griffin Gear

Reveal for iPhone 4! Our exciting new iPhone 4 product announcements continue today with our popular Reveal case. It’s a polycarbonate shell that hugs your iPhone with slim rubber accents which cushion and protect. Reveal is a super-slim shell that adds just 1.6 mm in thickness to your iPhone.  If it’s anything as popular as […]

Let’s talk about iPhone 4 cases

Let’s talk about iPhone 4 cases Griffin Gear

Introducing our Elan Holster Metal for iPhone 4. It’s the perfect holster case for your new iPhone. Features include: an integrated clip that attaches to your belt, bag or backpack strap; two layers of protection, including a no-scratch inner lining; and metal accents to make it look even sweeter! We’re proud to also introduce you […]

Friday goodness for our iPod touch friends

Friday goodness for our iPod touch friends Griffin Gear / New

Lucky 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch owners should be excited about our new Insider case. These are sure to sell out quickly! It’s a fun 2-layer case that lets you vary the visuals to suit your mood. A thin inner shell with a wonderful soft feel encloses and protects your iPod touch. Use it all […]

New Threadless iPod touch cases!

New Threadless iPod touch cases! Griffin Gear

Who wants new Threadless iPod touch cases? You do, right? Like all things Threadless, only a limited supply are available! If you see a case you like, I recommend you buy it now or risk being disappointed later. Enjoy! I Wanna Dance Design by Robert Gould “The inspiration for this comes from the movie Dazed […]