An iTrip Wood Would Rock

An iTrip Wood Would Rock Fun / Griffin Gear

A couple of weeks ago, we came across a great post by Charles Starrett on iLounge called iLounge reader creates all-wood iPod mini, accessories. We were blown away! Not only did Australian Josh Darrah create a wooden iPod mini, he also carved a classic iTrip mini. Our crack investigation team (me) reached out to Josh […]

commandN AirCurve Love!

commandN AirCurve Love! Fun / Griffin Gear / In The News / News & Reviews

Check it out! AirCurve is featured in the new episode of commandN with Amber and Jeff MacArthur. AirCurve fans should take a look at the story of how the product came to be. Watch the whole episode to check out the violent alarm clock, it’s hilarious! Thanks Amber and Jeff. Happy belated Canada Day.

iTalk Recorder Still Rules!

iTalk Recorder Still Rules! Griffin Gear

With iPhone’s latest 3.0 OS Voice Memos application, there’s been talk in twitterland and the blogosphere about the future of our iTalk Recorder app. After a look at our statistics, we can happily report that unique users went up substantially since the launch of 3.0. Daily sales of iTalk Recorder Premium have also steadily increased. […]

iLounge Reserves an A- For Us!

iLounge Reserves an A- For Us! Griffin Gear / In The News / News & Reviews

The good folks over at iLounge gave us an A- and wrote a fantastic review of our new Reserve line, PowerBlock Reserve, PowerJolt Reserve, and PowerDuo Reserve. We love A’s! The concept is simple: buy a standard charger, get a Dock Connector-equipped, charger-fitting rechargeable battery in the same package, and charge both your iPod and […]

Guess Who Made Time’s Green Design 100 List?

Guess Who Made Time’s Green Design 100 List? Griffin Gear / In The News

Our little AirCurve does it again! Congratulations to our favorite acoustic amplifier for being included in Time Magazine’s The Green Design 100. Thanks to the gang at Greener.Ideal, who chose AirCurve as the number one item in Time’s list. We appreciate the post! More about AirCurve here.

Navigate Solves a Crime

Navigate Solves a Crime As seen on TV / Fun / Griffin Gear

You never know where one of our products is going to end up. We were pleasantly surprised that Navigate was found on a dead biker in a recent episode of CSI Miami. We felt terribly for the deceased biker, but we’re pleased as punch that the popular inline controller and FM radio helped solve the […]

What Does Cinnamon, Coriander and Oregano Have To Do With PowerDock 4?

What Does Cinnamon, Coriander and Oregano Have To Do With PowerDock 4? Griffin Gear

What does cinnamon, coriander and oregano have to do with PowerDock 4? I’m so glad you asked. When we originally conceptualized our PowerDock 4 multiple charging bases, we considered some different ways to lay out the device. Here’s some early sketches that we reviewed with a small focus group. The group studied each design while […]

Sharing Your Clarifi Photos

Sharing Your Clarifi Photos Community / Griffin Gear

If you own a Clarifi, you already know that the quality of your close up shots are greatly improved. Clarifi even scored an A- on iLounge! There are plenty of uses for Clarifi to be used in conjunction with popular iPhone apps such as Evernote (for text recognition) and Snappr (for bar-code scanning). What’s very […]

What do Baroque and 8-Bit have in common?

What do Baroque and 8-Bit have in common? Griffin Gear / New

Introducing iClear Sketch. Coolest gadgets writes: When you go to buy a Nano, one of the most important parts is picking the color.  Well, if you did pick a bright color, you might not want to cover it up and hide it away from sight with a protective case.  That’s why all of the iClear […]