New iPhone Cases | Fall Sneak Peak #1

New iPhone Cases | Fall Sneak Peak #1 Griffin Gear / New

Remember when I wrote you last Spring that we were up to our faces in cases? Well that was an understatement. If you’ve been following our blog you’ll know that I wrote last week about several new cases for the 5th generation iPod nano. You iPhone users probably thought we forgot about you, didn’t you? […]

Introducing Our New iTrip and iTrip Controller App

Introducing Our New iTrip and iTrip Controller App Griffin Gear / New

Back in 2003 we invented the first iTrip (pictured to the right). Our little FM transmitter set an entire industry of iPod accessories into motion. There’s been a few updated versions of iTrip over the years, each with it’s own set of cool new features. Now, six years later, we are excited to be announcing […]

Stylishly Saving My Kid’s Eardrums

Stylishly Saving My Kid’s Eardrums Griffin Gear / In The News

As a dad of two young kids I have never let them use headphones. My wife and I have both been concerned about blowing their eardrums should they crank it to eleven. I’ve been concerned until now. I’m very pleased to be introducing our MyPhones, the first volume limiting headphones for kids 3 to 12. […]

Nano Still Naked?

Nano Still Naked? Griffin Gear / New

The buzz from our iPod nano iClear Sketch cases has been fantastic, but not everyone is looking for a pattern on their new nano. That’s alright, we’re cool with that. How does Outfit suit you? It’s a slim, no-clip case that surrounds your iPod in a translucent polycarbonate shell. EasyDock lets the bottom of the […]

The New iTalk, Not Quite Bionic But…

The New iTalk, Not Quite Bionic But… Griffin Gear / New

Overheard in our software department… “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic voice recording app. iTalk Recorder will be that app. We can make him better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.” Ok, so the all new iTalk Recorder app may not […]

Your New Naked Nano Needs Me

Your New Naked Nano Needs Me Griffin Gear / New

The new 5th generation iPod nano has some incredible features, which is all the more reason to protect it and make it that much more stylish. Our celebration continues with the announcement of 13 new iClear Sketch cases: Dusk, Rampt, Bloom, Camo, Warp, Hatch, Landmark, Pipeline, Plaid, Summit, Tartan, 8bit, and Baroque. Here’s a sneak […]

1st Headphone Control Adapter for New iPod nano!

1st Headphone Control Adapter for New iPod nano! Griffin Gear / New

Well, well well. If it isn’t the first VoiceOver-compatible headphone adapter for the new iPod nano and it happens to work with 3rd gen. shuffle too! We’ve got new iPod fever just like you. To celebrate we’re connecting you with your favorite set of headphones (preferably TuneBuds) with our new Headphone Control Adapter which works […]

The History of FAIL

The History of FAIL Fun / Griffin Gear

Ben Zimmer of the New York Times recently wrote a great article on the history of FAIL. That’s FAIL the interjection not the verb. Zimmer wrote: In July 2003, a contributor to noted that fail could be used as an interjection “when one disapproves of something,” giving the example: “You actually bought that? FAIL.” […]

I Want You To Want Me

I Want You To Want Me Fun / Griffin Gear

Cheap Trick rocks! There’s no if, and or buts about it. The rock n’ roll band has been pumping out classics since 1977. Leave it to the group to actually record their latest album (coincidentally called The Latest) on 8-track! Remember 8-track? Don’t worry for you newer technology types, it’s also available in MP3 format […]

What’s Playing on Your Radio?

What’s Playing on Your Radio? Griffin Gear

Have you ever found yourself driving with a friend in a different city with no idea where to tune your radio? Have you ever wanted to purchase a song you heard on the radio, but couldn’t remember the name or artist? Check this out… The iFM Radio Browser app is available now for free from […]