Best Halloween Costumes

Best Halloween Costumes Fun

It’s hard to type with all of this Halloween candy in my hands. Sorry… that’s better now (I’ve moved it to my mouth). I had plenty of great goblins arrive at my door last night. However, I didn’t see anything like Mark Rober’s Awesome Gaping Hole in Your Gut costume. httpv:// Using two iPad 2s […]

A trick and a treat

A trick and a treat Fun / Prizes & Discounts

To celebrate Halloween today, I am about to share a trick and a treat with you. Your Halloween Trick Don’t be too scared, but illusionist Simon Pierro has just released a new video entitled iPad Horror. You may recall his previous video, which I shared on the blog back in June. httpv:// Your Halloween Treat […]

A Duet With Siri (iPhone 4S Song)

A Duet With Siri (iPhone 4S Song) Fun

Here’s a fun way to start your work week! Jonathan Mann has us all singing along with his A Duet With Siri (iPhone 4S Song). I expect it’ll be stuck in your head too. httpv:// Speaking of iPhone 4S… you’ve seen our compatible cases, right?

Will you buy an iPhone 5?

Will you buy an iPhone 5? Fun / Poll

Is it just me, or does everyone have iPhone 5 fever? We know that love for iPhone 4 is far from over, but iPhone 5 rumors are alive and hopping all over the web. A quick look at iPhone5 on Twitter and it’s clear that many people are talking about the much anticipated new device […]

HELO TC video round up

HELO TC video round up Fun

HELO TC, our remote-controlled helicopter, has taken the web by storm. They are literally flying off of our shelves! We had lots of fun making our videos for you, but now it’s time to share the fun videos that you have made. httpv:// httpv:// httpv:// Do you have a video too? Share it in the […]

HELO TC the exciting conclusion you must not miss

HELO TC the exciting conclusion you must not miss Fun / New

You were amazed by Part 1 and shocked by Part 2 of our HELO TC video series. It’s time to reveal the dramatic conclusion. Will our hero get his remote control helicopter back? Who will assist him in his quest? Will his boss spill his coffee? All of this AND MORE in Part 3 of […]

How to retrieve a helicopter from the boss

How to retrieve a helicopter from the boss Fun / New

Yesterday we shared a tragic video of an innocent office worker who had his HELO TC, remote control helicopter confiscated by his cruel manager. You really have to see it, it’s tragic. Today is payback time! Watch as our hero attempts to retrieve his chopper from his horrible boss’ evil clutch. Equipped with his iPhone […]

What iPad looked like in 1994

What iPad looked like in 1994 Fun

Peter Kafka recently wrote a great post on All Things Digital about the adoption of tablet devices and how it has effected the newspaper industry. The post is entitled Here’s What an iPad Looked Like in 1994. What’s incredible is how far the tablet has come over the years. While many of us think of […]

iPad Head Girl

iPad Head Girl Fun

It’s a lovely day for a walk in the park, especially if you have a head full of iPads! We came across this crazy video on Ubergizmo and had to share it with you. Watch as iPad Head Girl takes a stroll and reads her book in New York City’s Bryant Park. At first it […]

Apple Store Challenge

Apple Store Challenge Fun

Comedian, writer and film maker, Mark Malkoff, recently decided to spend some time testing how much he could get away with at the Apple Store. His Apple Store Challenge video is hilarious. We love how Apple’s staff respond to his unique requests. Tell Mark what you thought on Twitter. httpv:// Did you spot our products in […]