If Today’s Products Were Designed in 1979…

If Today’s Products Were Designed in 1979… Fun

This was too cool not to share with you. Gizmodo recently ran a Photoshop contest for readers to redesign current tech gadgets as if they were created in 1979. A personal favorite is the iWalkman. Check out the rest of the images at Gizmodo.

An iTrip Wood Would Rock

An iTrip Wood Would Rock Fun / Griffin Gear

A couple of weeks ago, we came across a great post by Charles Starrett on iLounge called iLounge reader creates all-wood iPod mini, accessories. We were blown away! Not only did Australian Josh Darrah create a wooden iPod mini, he also carved a classic iTrip mini. Our crack investigation team (me) reached out to Josh […]

commandN AirCurve Love!

commandN AirCurve Love! Fun / Griffin Gear / In The News / News & Reviews

Check it out! AirCurve is featured in the new episode of commandN with Amber and Jeff MacArthur. AirCurve fans should take a look at the story of how the product came to be. Watch the whole episode to check out the violent alarm clock, it’s hilarious! Thanks Amber and Jeff. Happy belated Canada Day.

Downloading Ducks

Downloading Ducks Fun

During a meeting yesterday, we were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a duck calling from outside of the room. We cracked up when we realized that it was our PR Manager, Jackie’s, ringtone. Apparently, this isn’t an isolated incident. Even President Obama’s press conferences are not safe from the dreaded duck call. At least […]

Behind the Scenes of an Email

Behind the Scenes of an Email Fun / Prizes & Discounts

Our email newsletter subscribers tend to get special offers first. It’s a good idea to subscribe if you haven’t yet. You never know when we’re going to send out a great deal. This week we emailed you about an incredible offer on cases for iPhone, iPod nano, Zune and Sansa. A few colleagues thought we […]

What’s Your Favorite iPhone 3.0 OS Feature?

What’s Your Favorite iPhone 3.0 OS Feature? Fun

Twitter has been exciting this afternoon as people were tweeting up a storm about Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 3.0 OS update. I must admit, I was guilty of jumping into the conversation too. As my iPhone was updating, I created a fun survey to gauge your favorite new feature. Please take a moment to vote.

Navigate Solves a Crime

Navigate Solves a Crime As seen on TV / Fun / Griffin Gear

You never know where one of our products is going to end up. We were pleasantly surprised that Navigate was found on a dead biker in a recent episode of CSI Miami. We felt terribly for the deceased biker, but we’re pleased as punch that the popular inline controller and FM radio helped solve the […]

Blow Minds with your iTrip

Blow Minds with your iTrip Fun

A few years ago before I started working with Griffin, I concocted a magic trick with my iTrip. I’ve always had a fascination with cool illusions, not big glamorous stuff but original fun stuff instead. While playing with my iTrip, I created the iTrip Static Radio Trick. The Presentation: Make sure you are near a […]