What’s In Your Cup?

What’s In Your Cup? Fun

At Griffin we love our coffee. What’s not to love? I’ll be the first to admit to swilling the stuff like it’s going out of style. For the record, it’s not going out of style. In the latest Wired there’s a fantastic breakdown of what’s inside a cup of coffee. Patrick di Justo explains what […]

Blip.FM Giveaway

Blip.FM Giveaway Fun / Prizes & Discounts

Blip.FM is randomly selecting 3 lucky DJs each Friday for the next four weeks to win our Power Prize Pack! It’s 100% free to enter. The Power Prize Pack includes: 1 X PowerDuo Reserve AC and car charger plus rechargeable backup battery. 1 X iTrip AutoPilot Charge/control/play your iPod or iPhone on your car stereo. […]

Alex Trebek and Erik Estrada Send Their Regards

Alex Trebek and Erik Estrada Send Their Regards Fun / Special Events

We spent an exciting and exhausting weekend in Los Angeles at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Griffin was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Ok, so we weren’t actually nominated… but you would have voted for us right? The truth is we were there to work the talent gift lounge. Under the careful coordination of On 3 […]

The History of FAIL

The History of FAIL Fun / Griffin Gear

Ben Zimmer of the New York Times recently wrote a great article on the history of FAIL. That’s FAIL the interjection not the verb. Zimmer wrote: In July 2003, a contributor to Urbandictionary.com noted that fail could be used as an interjection “when one disapproves of something,” giving the example: “You actually bought that? FAIL.” […]

Gnomedex Was Amazing

Gnomedex Was Amazing Community / Fun / Special Events

I had the extreme pleasure of spending the last number of days in Seattle with a few hundred of the coolest geeks on earth. Each year Internet super star, Chris Pirillo, organizes an incredible conference called Gnomedex. I’m happy to write that Griffin was a proud sponsor this year. The conference mixes technology with social […]

I Want You To Want Me

I Want You To Want Me Fun / Griffin Gear

Cheap Trick rocks! There’s no if, and or buts about it. The rock n’ roll band has been pumping out classics since 1977. Leave it to the group to actually record their latest album (coincidentally called The Latest) on 8-track! Remember 8-track? Don’t worry for you newer technology types, it’s also available in MP3 format […]

Who Are You?

Who Are You? Fun

I can’t get the song Who Are You by The Who out of my head as I write this post. No, it’s not because I just watched an episode of CSI. It’s because we want to know who you are. Who are you? In the coming weeks we’re going to begin writing some posts about […]

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano As seen on TV / Fun / Griffin Gear

In the immortal words of Tony Micelli, Hey oh, Angela! Alyssa Milano loves her Griffin Technology Wave case! Or at least this is what we pictured him saying. Photo from: mac4ever.com

David Letterman Discovers Twitter

David Letterman Discovers Twitter Fun

This is hilarious. Watch as Kevin Spacey explains microblogging to David Letterman.I hope Letterman starts tweeting soon, although I highly doubt it. Are you on Twitter? Follow @griffintech for special offers, contests and other goodies.

Water Balloons and iPhones Don’t Mix

Water Balloons and iPhones Don’t Mix Fun

Shenanigans ran wild at the Griffin Technology company picnic. A couple of weeks ago, we took a Friday off to hang out, listen to some music and literally cool off. Hundreds of water balloons were prepared hours before the picnic to help us blow off some steam. The steam was blown! Announcements were made about […]