Rock Star: Raz iPhoneCaseMan

Rock Star: Raz iPhoneCaseMan Community / Fun

It’s always cool seeing the faces of our customers! Who are you? Raz iPhoneCaseMan Where are you from? Haifa, Israel What’s your day job? Student, information system in Technion What’s your device of choice (iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.)? iPhone 3G + iPod Touch What was your first Griffin product? Griffin nu-Form What’s your all time […]

Twitter Trivia with The Insider’s Lara Spencer

Twitter Trivia with The Insider’s Lara Spencer Fun / Prizes & Discounts

When we were in Los Angeles for the Daytime Emmy Awards we had the great pleasure of meeting Lara Spencer, the host of The INSIDER. Together we came up with a fun Twitter trivia idea! THE INSIDER premiered in 2004 as the highest-rated debut of any newsmagazine in syndication since 1996. Based on the popular […]

Our Halloween Costume Party Winners…

Our Halloween Costume Party Winners… Fun / Prizes & Discounts

On October 13th we announced a contest for you to dress up your favorite Griffin product(s) in a Halloween costume. You could do so with Photoshop or with your own materials. The entries were fantastic! The following is a screencast of us choosing our favorites. We’ll be in touch with the winners next week. 1st […]

Art & Copy

Art & Copy Fun

The other day our marketing and design departments had a fun outing to our favorite local cinema, the Belcourt Theatre, to see a screening of Doug Pray’s Art & Copy. The documentary told the story of some of the world’s most successful advertising companies and the brands they helped create. It’s about originality, creativity and […]

Happy Birthday John Cleese

Happy Birthday John Cleese Fun

Happy 70th Birthday John Cleese. Don’t forget to wish @johncleese happy birthday on Twitter today! Need we say more? We didn’t think so.

Best Halloween Costume Ever?

Best Halloween Costume Ever? Fun

At Griffin we’re encouraged to celebrate Halloween to the best of our ability. We’ve seen a pink bunny, a wicked witch and ice cream sandwich (to name a few) stroll through our doors on October 31st. This year we could try to create our most original costumes ever, but how can we compete with this? […]

Do You Like What We’re Doing?

Do You Like What We’re Doing? Community / Fun

We’ve been keeping busy posting blog posts, renovating our Facebook fan page, tweeting on Twitter, shooting some sweet videos and photos, and creating lots of fun giveaways and discounts for you to take advantage of, like our scary Flickr costume contest. What do you think? How are we doing? Do we deserve an award(s)? Mashable […]

Enter To Win Our Halloween Costume Party

Enter To Win Our Halloween Costume Party Fun / Prizes & Discounts

The witching season is upon us. Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate we’re having a costume party, sort of. We’re giving away a few treats plus a $300 Griffin Technology shopping spree! While we know we already have a product that’s perfect for this spooky time of the year, we’re looking for […]

Next Big Nashville Goodies

Next Big Nashville Goodies Community / Fun / Prizes & Discounts

Griffin is a proud sponsor of this year’s Next Big Nashville music festival and conference. We’re excited to be giving away goodies at some of the shows. The first 15 people at the following concerts will receive a complimentary bag of some of our most popular products. Thursday, October 8th Tristen @ mercy lounge Jessica […]

What’s In Your Cup?

What’s In Your Cup? Fun

At Griffin we love our coffee. What’s not to love? I’ll be the first to admit to swilling the stuff like it’s going out of style. For the record, it’s not going out of style. In the latest Wired there’s a fantastic breakdown of what’s inside a cup of coffee. Patrick di Justo explains what […]