Don’t miss a video!

Don’t miss a video! Community

Did you know that on top of our support and new product videos, we often share short films that feature the people behind Griffin? Here’s a classic and personal favorite video… httpv:// You can watch the abusive “don’t try this at home” Survivor Real Proof series, our CES Bound 2,500 mile road trip, the renovation […]

Noise To Signal

Noise To Signal Community

I was chatting with cartoonist, Rob Cottingham on Twitter last week. Rob is the brains, talent and humor behind Noise to Signal. The cartoon takes a funny look at social media, business and how we live and work in a digital world. Rob explained that he often uses our Stylus to sketch his cartoons on […]

We’re in your inbox

We’re in your inbox Community

If you subscribe to our email newsletter, you’ll be aware (or you should be soon) of a special discount offer we just mailed you this morning. If you’re not subscribed, now is as good a time as any to do it. Sign up now, so you never miss a special offer, giveaway or promotion again. […]

MLK’s Sumo Bot project

MLK’s Sumo Bot project Community / Fun

Science Olympiad is a nation-wide, student competition that features 23 events, testing all areas of science, including engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology. Martin Luther King High School in Nashville reached out to see if we could assist their students to build a Sumo Bot. Naturally, we were excited to help them build their remote controlled robot. Griffin’s Robert Nieman, […]


150 words that describe LOVE Community

UPDATED February 14, 2017 – 6 years ago, we asked readers to share 8 words that mean ‘love’ for them.  Since then, this blog entry has become one of our highest-traffic pages site-wide. So we got to wondering how (or if) the words have changed? What words mean “love” to you? We again asked readers to […]

Give us your two cents!

Give us your two cents! Community

Our User Experience Research Team is a key part of our product development process. We’re constantly gathering research – including online surveys, group discussions, and one-on-one interviews – to help us develop better products. And we want you to be a part by becoming a member of our research candidate pool. Give us your two […]

Are you going to Blissdom?

Are you going to Blissdom? Community / Special Events

We’re excited to be attending Blissdom in Nashville, today. It’s going to be great to see many of our blogger friends and to meet new ones. If you’re going to be there, please be sure to find us to say hello. Blissdom is the premiere conference for women who find and express their bliss by […]

Rock Star: Chris Van Dusen

Rock Star: Chris Van Dusen Community

Every so often we feature a Griffin Rock Star. If you love Griffin, we’d love to hear about it. Fill out the short form and tell us about how you’re a Griffin Rock Star. Who are you? Chris Van Dusen Where are you from? Newport Beach, CA What’s your day job? Consultant What’s your device […]

Horror stories with happy endings

Horror stories with happy endings Community

Every so often we hear horrific tales from our customers about how they nearly destroyed their iPhones, iPods and iPads. Naturally, we’re always pleased when we hear happy endings. I received both of these tweets yesterday about our cases saving the day, thank goodness. Thanks for sharing them! We still cringe when we hear these […]

3 ways to be sure you don’t miss a thing

3 ways to be sure you don’t miss a thing Community / Prizes & Discounts / Tips & Tricks

We often announce new products, giveaways and promotions, but not everybody is aware. We know you’re busy. It’s practically impossible to keep up with everything we’re doing on any given day, so here are three ways to stay informed. You don’t want to miss a sale, right? 1. Subscribe to our blog to get new […]