Challenge Accepted: Survivor Endurance Takes CNET’s Drop Testing Head-On As seen on TV / Awards / Connect / News & Reviews / Products / Special Events / Survivor / Tech

Our team recently returned from CES 2019—the international Consumer Electronics Show, aka the biggest event in tech—and all in all, it was really action-packed. We announced a lot of exciting stuff and got the industry talking (see this and this), but what really spiked our adrenaline was taking on CNET’s live drop-test challenge, which included a […]


5 Best Tech Gifts for Mothers Day As seen on TV / Products

“I can’t open the photo you sent me, dear. I don’t have room on my phone.” “I’ve lost all my documents. They’re just gone from the desktop.” How many conversations with Mom (or Dad, but this is Mothers Day) include some sort of tech support question? More than a few, if personal experience serves as […]

Why Mike hates Shark Week.

Why Mike hates Shark Week. As seen on TV / Community / Fun / In The News / Special Events / Stuff We Love

What follows is an editorial, and does not reflect the opinions of Griffin Technology.  We think Shark Week is awesome. – Ed. Every year, social networks are choked  with otherwise-intelligent people talking about how excited they are about Shark Week.  But, seriously, who actually likes sharks?  Sharks are hideously ugly prehistoric killing machines with cold, dead […]

How to run from zombies

How to run from zombies As seen on TV

I just go introduced to Machinima’s online zombie series, Bite Me. It’s not safe for work or young kids, but it’s pretty awesome if you’re into zombies and gaming. In the episode, “Night Vision“, one of our web designers, Daniel, spotted our classic Streamline armband nano case. We’re not making that model anymore because nano changed, […]

AirStrap on NCIS: Los Angeles AGAIN!

AirStrap on NCIS: Los Angeles AGAIN! As seen on TV

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about a sighting of our AirStrap iPad case on the television show, NCIS: Los Angeles. Well low and behold, AirStrap has done it again! In episode 12: Overwatch, AirStrap was spotted. Detective Marty Deeks, played by Eric Christian Olsen, can’t keep his hands off our popular iPad case with […]

AirStrap on NCIS: Los Angeles

AirStrap on NCIS: Los Angeles As seen on TV

A big thanks is due to Susan, an awesome customer, who provided us with screenshots from AirStrap‘s recent appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles. If you were watching the “Disorder” episode, you probably saw our popular iPad case with the built-in safety strap being held by Daniela Ruah‘s character, Kensi Blye. We sent Susan a little […]

Another guest appearance on Modern Family

Another guest appearance on Modern Family As seen on TV

We’ve told you before how much we love ABC’s Modern Family. The only thing we love more is the props person who keeps using our products on the show! Thank you mysterious props person. On the episode Strangers on a Treadmill, we spotted our Elan Form Chrome being used by Mitchell Pritchett. Did you see it? […]

Our Loop iPad stand is a killer!

Our Loop iPad stand is a killer! As seen on TV / Fun / Griffin Gear

I never thought I would be writing this, but we’ve been spotted with a serial killer! Kind of. Thanks to Patrick McCarron @McCarron for spotting our Loop iPad stand, in a recent episode of Dexter. We’re relieved that it wasn’t used as a weapon! [blackbirdpie url=”!/McCarron/statuses/9276055848226817″] Watch the clip on Crackle. Check out Dexter on Showtime! […]