How to run from zombies

How to run from zombies

I just go introduced to Machinima’s online zombie series, Bite Me. It’s not safe for work or young kids, but it’s pretty awesome if you’re into zombies and gaming.

In the episode, “Night Vision“, one of our web designers, Daniel, spotted our classic Streamline armband nano case. We’re not making that model anymore because nano changed, but we can still help you workout with your iPod nano.

Check out the new AeroSport for iPod nano! It’s our super-comfortable active-use armband, perfect for running and running from zombies (let’s hope you don’t have to).

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  1. Michael Real says:

    I think I need to check this out since this might help get through those lazy afternoons I have during work. I just hope it won’t make me a lot lazier. lol

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