App of the Week: Finger Physics

App of the Week: Finger Physics

Robert NiemanIt’s the App of the Week!

Our fantastic Engineering Manager, Robert Nieman, has selected our favorite mobile application this week.

Finger Physics is comprised of 9 sets of 9 puzzles, for a total of 81 levels. Each set contains a mix of 5 different puzzle types called Egg Mode, Lawn Mode, Lunar Mode, Underwater Mode and Free Mode. In Egg Mode, you must guide an egg into a small basket by destroying various shapes below it and sending assorted objects into motion. This is sometimes accomplished by just removing some shapes and watching the egg fall, while later levels have you setting off any number of indestructible objects as levies or pendulums used to more skillfully guide the egg.

Read more of 148apps’ review or grab the app and check it out yourself.