App of the Week: Alien Blue – Reddit Client (Unofficial)

App of the Week: Alien Blue – Reddit Client (Unofficial)

Casey Fleser

I am quite certain that many Griffin employees begin their day with as their homepage. You may also choose to begin your daily browsing from the popular user supported, vote-powered sharing site.

Our software manager, Casey Fleser, chose the Alien Blue app for our App of the Week. Alien Blue is an unofficial Reddit Client, which allows you to quickly access the site via your app.

The iTunes app page says that it’s a feature packed client for browsing Reddit. It has been developed from the ground-up for an intuitive touch-screen experience, and can support any other websites that run on the Reddit API.

If you love discovering the best of the web, look no further than Reddit and the Alien Blue app.


  • cooleyandy

    Hi, I’m the author of “Reddit Photo Clock” for iPad. Since you guys are reddit fans, I think you’ll like my app. It’s pretty cool to have it at work on a desk. Would you like some promo codes for the pro version?