Save 25% in our Back 2 School Sale

Save 25% in our Back 2 School Sale Prizes & Discounts

If you are subscribed to our email newsletter, you’ll already know about our big Back 2 School Sale. We’re knocking off 25% on select products for your favorite student. Have a look at the email here. These deals won’t last long.

DriveSafe 22 Road Trip Tips

Look who won $250 and BlueTrip Aux! Prizes & Discounts

Last week we opened a giveaway to win two $250 pre-paid credit cards and two BlueTrip Aux. Both perfect items to use to make sure your road trip is amazing. We asked you to leave us a tip in the comments to enter. Before this we created our own collection called DriveSafe 22 Road Trip […]

Heat wave! Save up to 78%

Heat wave! Save up to 78% Prizes & Discounts

We’re blaming the heat on this sale. We’re sharing this with you just in case you missed our email. We have reduced prices on many of our most popular, original iPad cases. Head to the store to see what’s for sale! If you’re looking for us, we’ll be outside cooling off.

Outfit Crackle for iPhone 4

Outfit Crackle for iPhone 4 Griffin Gear / New

We start with a hard, protective polycarbonate case in bright, intense colors. Then we cover it in a dark, textured cracked finish that lets the bright under-layer show through for a vintage look. Outfit Crackle protects your iPhone on all edges and back. Ports in the case provide access to screen, connectors, camera and controls. […]

August Reviewers

August Reviewers News & Reviews

Each month we randomly select 10 reviewers to review our products. You should sign up if you’re interested. August Reviewers @thorhondarider747 @FLTechMaster @internetian @NBucketTV @iFoneyou @iphonecaptain RealGeekStech None0fTheAbove BetaGizmo MyZombie8UrTaco One of our favorite reviews from July is by AppleNTech. Check out his great review of our Xpo tablet stand. httpv://

To the moon Alice!

To the moon Alice! Griffin Gear / New

More fun than an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator. Unlike other interplanetary cases, this one has portholes. This slim polycarbonate iPhone case snaps on to protect the sides and back from dirt, dust, and micrometeors. The translucent domed portholes let your iPhone show through, and provide a hand-friendly 3D surface. It’s a welcome bit of […]

iPad Head Girl

iPad Head Girl Fun

It’s a lovely day for a walk in the park, especially if you have a head full of iPads! We came across this crazy video on Ubergizmo and had to share it with you. Watch as iPad Head Girl takes a stroll and reads her book in New York City’s Bryant Park. At first it […]

DriveSafe 22 Road Trips

How does $250 and BlueTrip Aux sound? Prizes & Discounts

Last year many of you submitted your tips for road trips. We collected more than 150 amazing road trip tips! Since we’re experienced roadtrippers, we have created a collection of 22 road trip tips, some from us and some from you. DriveSafe 22 Road Trip Tips All of this is brought to you by our […]

What’s the best universal iPhone remote?

What’s the best universal iPhone remote? Awards / Griffin Gear

According to Gizmodo, Beacon is the best universal iPhone remote (we think so too). Back in June, Gizmodo wrote a post entitled, Will Griffin’s Beacon iPhone Universal Remote Be the First to Not Suck? Casey Chan wrote that Gizmodo had more faith in us, because we’ve “made excellent Apple accessories over the years. Griffin understands Apple products.” Casey followed […]

Apple Store Challenge

Apple Store Challenge Fun

Comedian, writer and film maker, Mark Malkoff, recently decided to spend some time testing how much he could get away with at the Apple Store. His Apple Store Challenge video is hilarious. We love how Apple’s staff respond to his unique requests. Tell Mark what you thought on Twitter. httpv:// Did you spot our products in […]